Tuesday, March 30, 2010

She danced within his heartbeat

She danced within his heartbeat

Her rhythm feeds his soul

Footsteps treading lightly

as movement starts to flow


She danced within his heartbeat

forgetting all before

Her words became his lyrics

on lips that yearned for more


She danced within his heartbeat

left footprints on his mind

which left him wonder in thought so deep

“If ever she’ll be mine”


She danced within his heartbeat

he doesn’t know the score

He only knows he’ll dance with her

more and more and more

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

In the wild sky

"And it's in the wild sky that you come to me

with your words from foreign shores

and your heart so badly broken

you know i'l break once more

Like the storm clouds of grey and rushing time

you bring with you a warning and i'l heed it not

you'll take all i'l give you and i'l take all that's mine

and leave me just remembering while maybe you've forgot

And when the grey skies open and the sun breaks through

will you leave me with wanting and needing only you"

Saturday, March 20, 2010


"For it is without pride that i will come to you
without shame
or any pre conceived expectations
or without inhibition
or walls of doubt and without camouflage
I will not come to you in cover of darkness but in the light of day
I have no vanity 'cept for that in which i hold your heart
I will come to you as nature intends
I will peel these layers away and i will be revealed
And in revealing myself to you
I will become yours"

Friday, March 19, 2010


With Springtime comes hope ,beginnings anew
freshness and light allowed to come through
colours and shades that wake us from slumber
when time on the clock is no longer a number

Crocus and daffodil add to the palette
Hues and scents to the senses added
melting of snows no longer pure white
daylight lasting into the night

Rebirth and reborn of old loves and new
Love once again taming the shrew
passion’s ignighted bring flame to the fire
senses awake,exploding with fire

Hope shines eternal with dawn of the day
a season to wake,a reason to stay
so open your heart and let the spring in
open your mind ……live…live again.


Lost in you
with every dream
with every thought
with every heartbeat
with every feeling
with every breath
with every moment
with every day that breaks
with every night that falls
with every dream
with only you
never wanting to be found
Lost….In you.

Scent of my senses

Scent of you fills me a memory to hold
bringing sense of you to me when night’s feeling cold
scent that remembers the words not yet spoken
senses inside me your love starts to open

Sense of you finds me wanting so much
words that are lyrics and music your touch
scent of you likened to fresh new Spring morn
sense of you lives,is living,is born

scent of you flaring in love’s temperate fire
sense of you longing,higher and higher
scent of your heart ,fragrance won’t fade
sense of you waiting …dawning the day.

So near and yet so far

So near so far to where you are
a dream reality be
a vision or illusion
to see or not to see

How many times so close at hand
how many times apart
always there and never here
yet always in the heart

Awaiting patiently ,biding time
until that time has passed
minutes created and added on
moments that fleetingly pass

together in seperation
no distance in the heart
miles are only milestones
time zones oceans apart

But hope it springs eternal
obstacles overcome
and two worlds come together
and two hearts beat as one