Thursday, March 18, 2010


Valentines and quirky rhymes
and matters of the heart
pledges of love for all times
promising ne’er to part

Roses and chocs in gift wrapped box
candlelit meals for two
telling him your world he rocks
He says he loves you too

Lovers and loved ones across the miles
sending cards with kisses and smiles
postman working overtime hours
ensuring this day is for us…and ours

Couples and candles,and bended knee
The joys of youth for all to be
timeless,ageless Cupid’s arrow
aims for the heart when released from his bow

Starlight and moonlight in February’s night
hope lies eternal that true Love’s in sight
lovers and dreamers are never the few
Hearts upon sleeve this day in view

Moonlight and roses and love and romance
cheek to cheek music playing the dance
A time for loving and a time to say
"i love you" for you on Valentines day.

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