Friday, March 19, 2010

I am

I’m not always how you see me
or all you percieve that I should be
my faults they are many, and varied
i am what I am.i’m woman, I am me

i am strong when strength is needed
but i’m not made of steel
my heart is fragile in your hands
i am what I am,i’m woman ,i am me

i’m loving and loved ,i nuture and care
a loyal friend ,i’m always there
i’m not always how you want me
i am what I am,i’m woman,i am me

i’m mother and lover and wife and friend
from one to another I often transcend
i’m not always with you ,sometimes absentee
i am what I am,i’m woman, I am me

the face that you look at and sometimes don’t see
what goes on behind it ,there’s no gaurantee
i’l be what you want to or want not to be
i am what I am,i’m woman,i am me

Take me as I am,or leave me,let me be
and i’l pick up the pieces,clear the debris
i am strong enough to cope and to heal, maybe
it’s because I am woman, and because I am me.

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