Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March seventeen

Hail glorious St Patrick dear saint of our Isle
hold off on the rain for just a wee while
and now thou art high in thy mansion above
bestow a sweet smile and look down with love

See what you’ve started a whole new trend
everyone’s Irish and Ireland’s friend
Shamrock and banners,Balloons and great craic
Parades and pubs open long after dark

Guinness and whiskey filled with good cheer
“Slainte mo chara” the greeting you hear
From Blarney to Macy’s and Dublin to Cork
The biggest parade is held in New York

Hail Glorious Saint Patrick look down on this day
when Paddy downs tools and comes out to play
what good is a day sure we’ll make it a week
A grand old festival …ageless ,unique

To the wider diaspora tis a day to reflect
with thoughts of old Eireann and home they connect
Through emails and texting and telephone wires
the wearing of green ,required attire

Fireworks at night and bells that chime
the landlord on deaf ears begins to call time

sure we’ll raise one more glass and toast our Saint Pat….

“Slainte a Padraig” wherever you’re at

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