Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Celtic Fusion

Shamrocks and glam rocks
the green white and gold
riverdance,cheili ,the new and the old
immigration,migration a new battle starts
poets and scholars,affairs of the heart
recession and session and wearing the green
children of Lir no longer are seen
seanachi,storytellers,still tales to tell
Sunday no longer begins with the bell
from Gaelige to Bearla and now to Polski
where one tongue did regin,now there are three
where Erin’s green valleys no longer flow red
peace somewhat stable a hunger now fed
from famine to feast at home and away
youth,our great export again on their way
the salmon of knowledge swims out of our reach
Langauge and culture lost in the breach

Note: Seanachai=storyteller Cheili= dance.

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