Tuesday, March 30, 2010

She danced within his heartbeat

She danced within his heartbeat

Her rhythm feeds his soul

Footsteps treading lightly

as movement starts to flow


She danced within his heartbeat

forgetting all before

Her words became his lyrics

on lips that yearned for more


She danced within his heartbeat

left footprints on his mind

which left him wonder in thought so deep

“If ever she’ll be mine”


She danced within his heartbeat

he doesn’t know the score

He only knows he’ll dance with her

more and more and more

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

In the wild sky

"And it's in the wild sky that you come to me

with your words from foreign shores

and your heart so badly broken

you know i'l break once more

Like the storm clouds of grey and rushing time

you bring with you a warning and i'l heed it not

you'll take all i'l give you and i'l take all that's mine

and leave me just remembering while maybe you've forgot

And when the grey skies open and the sun breaks through

will you leave me with wanting and needing only you"

Saturday, March 20, 2010


"For it is without pride that i will come to you
without shame
or any pre conceived expectations
or without inhibition
or walls of doubt and without camouflage
I will not come to you in cover of darkness but in the light of day
I have no vanity 'cept for that in which i hold your heart
I will come to you as nature intends
I will peel these layers away and i will be revealed
And in revealing myself to you
I will become yours"

Friday, March 19, 2010


With Springtime comes hope ,beginnings anew
freshness and light allowed to come through
colours and shades that wake us from slumber
when time on the clock is no longer a number

Crocus and daffodil add to the palette
Hues and scents to the senses added
melting of snows no longer pure white
daylight lasting into the night

Rebirth and reborn of old loves and new
Love once again taming the shrew
passion’s ignighted bring flame to the fire
senses awake,exploding with fire

Hope shines eternal with dawn of the day
a season to wake,a reason to stay
so open your heart and let the spring in
open your mind ……live…live again.


Lost in you
with every dream
with every thought
with every heartbeat
with every feeling
with every breath
with every moment
with every day that breaks
with every night that falls
with every dream
with only you
never wanting to be found
Lost….In you.

Scent of my senses

Scent of you fills me a memory to hold
bringing sense of you to me when night’s feeling cold
scent that remembers the words not yet spoken
senses inside me your love starts to open

Sense of you finds me wanting so much
words that are lyrics and music your touch
scent of you likened to fresh new Spring morn
sense of you lives,is living,is born

scent of you flaring in love’s temperate fire
sense of you longing,higher and higher
scent of your heart ,fragrance won’t fade
sense of you waiting …dawning the day.

So near and yet so far

So near so far to where you are
a dream reality be
a vision or illusion
to see or not to see

How many times so close at hand
how many times apart
always there and never here
yet always in the heart

Awaiting patiently ,biding time
until that time has passed
minutes created and added on
moments that fleetingly pass

together in seperation
no distance in the heart
miles are only milestones
time zones oceans apart

But hope it springs eternal
obstacles overcome
and two worlds come together
and two hearts beat as one

I am

I’m not always how you see me
or all you percieve that I should be
my faults they are many, and varied
i am what I am.i’m woman, I am me

i am strong when strength is needed
but i’m not made of steel
my heart is fragile in your hands
i am what I am,i’m woman ,i am me

i’m loving and loved ,i nuture and care
a loyal friend ,i’m always there
i’m not always how you want me
i am what I am,i’m woman,i am me

i’m mother and lover and wife and friend
from one to another I often transcend
i’m not always with you ,sometimes absentee
i am what I am,i’m woman, I am me

the face that you look at and sometimes don’t see
what goes on behind it ,there’s no gaurantee
i’l be what you want to or want not to be
i am what I am,i’m woman,i am me

Take me as I am,or leave me,let me be
and i’l pick up the pieces,clear the debris
i am strong enough to cope and to heal, maybe
it’s because I am woman, and because I am me.

Words that lie before me

My language is but simple
the words I use are plain
i hold not degrees of knowledge
nor letters to follow my name

The words I write transfer from thought
and feelings deep inside
i speak from love ,i speak from life
words my heart just cannot hide

At times I wonder if you see
what lies beneath my pen
and if you do can you see
the me that is…that lies within

i often wonder if you have read
this Theasurus inside my head
and do you ever when you’re there
flick quickly through or absorb with care

And once my words are spoken I cannot take them back
sometimes you get their meaning,sometimes you’re far off track
For you must take them as you see
Understand ….or question me.

Paint my world

Paint my world with colours of love
sky blue your smiling eyes
precious gold your gilded crown
lines of laughter that sometimes frown

Colour me shades of morning dew
and evening’s crimson my desire for you
the nectar of honey,sweet to the taste
the white that is snow,and purity chaste

Emblazeon with light stolen from stars
brush stokes gentle ,the man that you are
give me a rainbow and show me again
what lies beyond it after the rain

Tinge with hues of fertile green
where love grows wild and free
where nature meets with nurture
visible,clearly seen

Paint my world your heart the brush
whispering colours that won’t be hushed
vivid and vital the shades that are passion
Scarlet and fire.


When you’re in your deepest ocean
and retreat to it’s darkest depths
you take with you your burdon
leaving me in debt

This debt I cannot pay
unless you let me in
and find you in that darkest night
and take you from within

I too have been in that place
that place you call "my own"
A place no one can visit
a place to be alone

And when your’re done you’ll find me
where i’ve always been
inside the very heart of you
inside your very being.

Did i say

Not everyday you make smile
nor all the time your eyes beguile
not always dawn to start the day
And I love you, did I say?

Not everyday your humour bright
but still the moon of my every night
nor always flowery words ,nor bouquets
And I love you, did I say?

Not always conversation that rivets
at times only with me in spirit
and at times you are so faraway
And I love you, did I say?

Not always the rock on which to lean
and often or not nowhere to be seen
for in my heart is where you play
and for all this I love you….Did I say?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dark Night

Darkest night before the dawn
wondering if ever will come the morn
Mellow moonlight my only guide
blackest clouds within reside

Sinking deep into the storm
Thoughts fill up,start to swarm
memories flood my weary heart
awakening needing life’s clarity chart

Never knowing when this night ends
or if into daylight darkness transcends
and so the old story goes
that only a woman’s heart knows

Strength and stature swept away
and even what’s weightless begins to weigh
Dark cloud beckons with no guiding light
nothing to hope for,nothing in sight.


Valentines and quirky rhymes
and matters of the heart
pledges of love for all times
promising ne’er to part

Roses and chocs in gift wrapped box
candlelit meals for two
telling him your world he rocks
He says he loves you too

Lovers and loved ones across the miles
sending cards with kisses and smiles
postman working overtime hours
ensuring this day is for us…and ours

Couples and candles,and bended knee
The joys of youth for all to be
timeless,ageless Cupid’s arrow
aims for the heart when released from his bow

Starlight and moonlight in February’s night
hope lies eternal that true Love’s in sight
lovers and dreamers are never the few
Hearts upon sleeve this day in view

Moonlight and roses and love and romance
cheek to cheek music playing the dance
A time for loving and a time to say
"i love you" for you on Valentines day.

A picture of you

A picture of you and a thousand words
Distance and space making them blurred
my mind’s eye losing all trace
of your wonderful smile,your beautiful face

A face i’ll never get to hold
a story that will never now be told
words are silenced, stored away
ne’r to see to light of day

Smiling eyes continue to smile
do you think of me once in a while
were you just a dream just an illusion

A picture of you my souveneir
of a journey that cost so many tears
A price so high could not be paid
a journey that never could be made

now all but just a memory,a face within a frame
veiwing no longer causing that pain
but rather a bittersweet memory
fondly remembered between you and me.

Sail me a sunset

Sail me a sunset and sing me a song
the music of love,so tender so strong

Sail me a sunset and give me a tune
share with me nights under lover’s moon

Sail me a sunset set course on your chart
music and lyrics straight from your heart

Sail me a sunset red in the sky
the song of your love I see in your eyes

Sail me a sunset in full Autumn glory
i’l share with you life i’l tell you my story.

My Island

Someone wise once told me
of a place he used to go
where all the world he leaves behind
a place nobody knows

I also need a hideaway
a place to be alone
a place where I can be just me
a home away from home

An island that’s my refuge
my bolt-hole from the blues
and put some light back in my life
something I need to do

So many thoughts that flood my head
that need their breathing space
so many places I can go
but none of them "my" place

In taking timeout for myself
my thoughts I take down from that shelf
and try to sort through all this mess
for to myself some things confess.


Time is but a number

a measuring of space

it shows to me the lines of life

etched upon your face


Time is an illusion

something not quite clear

it cannot show my love for you

it does not know it’s here


It can’t bring forth the future

and won’t bring back the past

it can’t erase a memory

if you choose to make it last


They say it is a healer

and this i know is true

as time is what we live in

and time will see us through

The echo of our heartbeat

I’m the echo of your heartbeat,the whisper of your name

The bellows of your hunger and forces of your pain

I’m the summer breeze that sighing to the music that’s your voice

your tears in which i’m flowing , the laughter of your joy


I’m the dancing of your footsteps that stops you in your tracks

i’m the eyes within your vision preventing looking back

The sleep within your dreaming and peace within your mind

the life that’s in your meaning ,the meaning you’re in mine


I’m the question that you answer every time i ask

The heat within your veins,the sun in which you bask

Im all of this to you i’m sure

and you to me are so much more

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

If wishes were kisses

If wishes were kisses and smiles were miles
you’ld know I was with you all the while
if words could tell you the song in my heart
each note would be sung when my lips you part

If wishes were kisses and sunshine was rain
you’ld drown in my arms now and again
if music could play me and rythym could dance
you’ld follow my footsteps and take that chance

If wishes were kisses and thoughts all of you
as one we would be no longer the two
together forever till all wishes spent
and wonder no more where to they all went.

Celtic Fusion

Shamrocks and glam rocks
the green white and gold
riverdance,cheili ,the new and the old
immigration,migration a new battle starts
poets and scholars,affairs of the heart
recession and session and wearing the green
children of Lir no longer are seen
seanachi,storytellers,still tales to tell
Sunday no longer begins with the bell
from Gaelige to Bearla and now to Polski
where one tongue did regin,now there are three
where Erin’s green valleys no longer flow red
peace somewhat stable a hunger now fed
from famine to feast at home and away
youth,our great export again on their way
the salmon of knowledge swims out of our reach
Langauge and culture lost in the breach

Note: Seanachai=storyteller Cheili= dance.

The noise of silence

In silence you speak clearly

your thoughts to me are seen

i can see inside your head

where no one’s ever been


words were never needed

neither the touch of your hand

i see the road your thinking takes

i see the journey planned


You speak from your heart with un-moving lips

these words cut through my core

the silence of your heartbeat

you could not hurt me more


And all the while i’m hearing

not a single sound

the noise that comes from silence

deafening when you’re around

March seventeen

Hail glorious St Patrick dear saint of our Isle
hold off on the rain for just a wee while
and now thou art high in thy mansion above
bestow a sweet smile and look down with love

See what you’ve started a whole new trend
everyone’s Irish and Ireland’s friend
Shamrock and banners,Balloons and great craic
Parades and pubs open long after dark

Guinness and whiskey filled with good cheer
“Slainte mo chara” the greeting you hear
From Blarney to Macy’s and Dublin to Cork
The biggest parade is held in New York

Hail Glorious Saint Patrick look down on this day
when Paddy downs tools and comes out to play
what good is a day sure we’ll make it a week
A grand old festival …ageless ,unique

To the wider diaspora tis a day to reflect
with thoughts of old Eireann and home they connect
Through emails and texting and telephone wires
the wearing of green ,required attire

Fireworks at night and bells that chime
the landlord on deaf ears begins to call time

sure we’ll raise one more glass and toast our Saint Pat….

“Slainte a Padraig” wherever you’re at